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  • Individual therapy for both adults and children
  • Couples and Family therapy for adults with children
  • Group therapy for both adults and children
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)
  • Art, play, and social-skills-building therapy for children and adults

At Charm City Behavioral Health, we enrich harmony in the home and community, help reduce family conflict, and promote social-skills training.

Charm City Behavioral Health offers a wide array of treatment modalities to serve individuals, groups, and families:

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy focuses on providing one-on-one support in a private, safe therapeutic setting where one can express themselves openly. Individual sessions create an opportunity to address various disorders and help promote recovery from depression or anxiety, trauma, and significant life challenges. Individual therapy assists clients in achieving personal growth and a deepened self-understanding.

Family and Couples Therapy
Family therapists focus on the family unit to identify strengths and areas of improvements for each member involved. The goal is to develop healthier patterns of behaviors in which all members can express themselves openly and with a sense of safety. Our therapists are trained to work relationally to process trauma, loss, domestic violence, parent-child conflict, behavioral challenges and more. Couples receive treatment to improve intimate relationships or co-parenting relationships. The therapist will help the couple explore family-of-origin and relational patterns to help reduce conflict and foster more harmonious relationships. The goal is to improve communication and resolve conflict that impedes one’s ability to relate from a place of empathy and kindness.

Group Therapy
We provide various educational and therapeutic group therapy sessions to address such issues as empowerment, parenting, anger management, and more.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)
In PRP, individuals are provided skills and support to achieve improved wellness, to enhance the quality of their life, and to pursue the things most important to them. This may include areas such as learning, work, making friends, and keeping relationships. The purpose of the program is to promote recovery, resiliency, and empowerment of the individual so they may function successfully and live as independently as possible in the community. We offer PRP services to children, adolescents, and adults.

Art Therapy
Art therapy is a way to process and express feelings in a safe environment through art. Our therapists use such expression to empower children and adults and assist in self-discovery. Art therapy helps clients identify feelings that lie beneath the surface and may be challenging to express.

Play Therapy
Play therapy helps children to express and process emotions in a non-threatening way through the use of games, role-playing, and sand trays.

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